• Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)​, Lamar University Math department, TX (July 2016).


      Presentation title: Robust Variable Selection Methods for Functional Regression Models.

  • World Congress of Probability and Statistics (WCS), Toronto, Ontario, Canada (July 2016).


      Presentation title: Robust functional weighted LAD-adaptive groupLASSO.

  • Southern Regional Conference of Statistics (SRCOS), Bentonville, AR (June 2016).

      Presentation title: Investigating Students’ Misconceptions About Confidence Intervals.

  • Conference of Texas Statisticians (COTS), San Antonio, TX (April 2016).

Presentation title: Robust Weighted LAD-group-LASSO for Functional Regression Model.

  • Joint Mathematical Meeting (JMM), San Antonio, TX (January 2015).

  Presentation title: Weighted LAD-group LASSO for Functional Linear Models.

  • Math Club Seminar, Lamar University Math department, Beaumont, TX (October 2015).

      Presentation title: My Career.

  • Joint Statistical Meeting (JSM), Boston, MA (August 2014).

Presentation title: Robust Variable Selection in Functional Linear Models.

  • Southern Regional Conference of Statistics (SRCOS), Galveston, TX (June 2014).

Presentation title: Robust Group-Lasso for Functional Regression Model.

  • Ninth Annual Mathematical & Statistical Conference at UNCG, Greensboro, NC (November 2013).

      Presentation title: Challenges for Functional Group-Lasso.

My  Presentations

Jas Pannu

PhD Statistics

Lamar University